Admiration for Design

Visual Expression Helps Branding

InkyBOOM ® is a design service provider, helping the local business community to visually express their brand.

InkyBOOM® is founded in 2017 by Keyvan Davoodi; a formally trained architect working over 20 years on commercial developments and tenant improvement projects.

We believe a well-designed appearance helps a business via the following:

  • Exterior Design leads to a better visibility, therefore helps people to find you
  • Interior layout design relates to increased sales
  • Signs are helping to make buying decisions or providing general information
  • Logo-ed apparel is an effective way to raise brand awareness



How Did We Get Here?

From Consulting To Small-Business

Working closely with other small business owners and their fit-out projects, Keyvan launched “Teshin Media Inc.” in 2009, a brick and mortar company located in east-side Vancouver (Canada). A small-business with the purpose of helping the local community with branding solutions.

The company was comprised of a Understandhowroom for displaying the samples, an in-house production facility, and the design office for acquiring customers’ ideas and turning them into promotional products such as signs, window graphics, car wraps, or branded apparel with customers’ logo.

A New Day, A New Dawn

Our Inspiration Is Solving Problems

The experience of running our own small-business and facing all those day-to-day challenges, inspired us to help others facing the same.

We launched InkyBOOM®, a design service provider for aiding small-businesses with their branding challenges, helping them in finding their own voice and getting them to succeed in expressing their true selves.



Are We Different?

We Understand Your Challenges

When you spend on marketing your brand, you need results. That means you don’t need only good looking only shiny products, you demand a return on every penny spent.

Coming from a small-business background, we know the challenges and obstacles that other business owners are facing to keep the business running, how to be more visible to customers, and how to make the business to be more appealing and inviting to existing or new customers and clients. 

The world is changing, and we help you with that!